WEBgems maintains your website when you don’t feel like doing it.

Maintenance on your website is an important factor in order to be succesful. Search engines will list your site higher when your site is regularly updated. You will be more likely to attract new visitors and visitors who were on your site before are more likely to return. Furthermore your site be will more stable and less vulnerable to viruses and attacks.

Maintenance on WordPress-sites is fairly easy but -as all things- does take time. In case you prefer to have the maintenance done, then enlist to one of our 2 monthly maintenance packages.

Basic Maintenance
-We act as the technical contact with your website hosting company.
-We monitor and perform technical updates (system and plugins).
-We scan for viruses and spyware on your site.
-We assure safety and help with repair when needed.
-We back up your site monthly.
-We restore the site when needed.

Price: 27.50 euro per month

Premium Maintenance
-All of the above
-We assist with content management on your site.
-We assist with promoting your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
-We act as tecnical support.

Price: on request and depends on your wishes.

Usability Audits

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