Ruud Harberts

WEBgems is founded by Ruud Harberts.

Ruud has a sharp eye for the essentials and is focused on making websites clear.

Ruud graduated at the University of Amsterdam in the field of Communication Science and Information Technology.

He worked for many years as a usabilty expert for KLM, the Royal Dutch Airlines. At KLM he developed a fact-based feel for usability best practices in webdesign and came to understand how to translate user’s needs into effective website design. His activities for WEBgems brought him factual knowledge on and valuable experience in designing and maintaining websites for small and medium sized companies.

Also his extensive travels around the world and his creative encounters with glass (stained glass painting and designing leaded glass) significantly influenced his work. His travels in a great many countries of Africa, Asia and Europe showed him the force of genuine simplicity, which is exemplary for many of his designs. Furthermore his creative glass-related work led him to incorporate more and more subtle creativity in his website designs.

WEBgems… clear websites with your personality!