WEBgems is a webdesign studio located in Hoorn and Amsterdam and aims to design ‘clear websites with your personality!’

WEBgems believes that websites should be clear in the first place. Clear websites -based on simplicity- attract and keep crucial visitors’ attention. Therefore we put a lot of effort in stripping away elements that are not essential and keep a sharp eye on detail. We want your website to be user friendly, well structured, easy to find and easy to understand. And of course we aim to make your website effective in reaching?its goals.

However, just a clear website is -in the eyes of WEBgems- not enough. A website should have your personality too. This is the reason that WEBgems always looks for -and finds- a way to integrate the (brand) personality of your company and your company’s culture into your website.

So we build websites that reflect functional qualities like usability, essence and simplicity on the one hand and emotional capacities like attention, elegance, warmth, personal touch and a people orientation on the other hand.

Clear websites with a personality: we sure enjoy making them!

WEBgems… clear websites with your personality!